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Found 4 results

  1. We just started watching this show a few weeks ago and it's pretty decent, it's one of our go to's when we can't find something else to watch.
  2. Paul


    I saw this television program listed on Netflix awhile ago and always passed over it when looking for something to watch. I think I kept skipping over it because I thought it would be a bit raunchy and for a young audience, it isn't. A few days ago when looking for something to watch I decided to give the program a chance. Skins is indeed raunchy but it is well written and filmed. I have been surprised by this program in a very good way. We have watched four episodes so far and each one of them has had a decent plot. I think it was the second episode that dealt with one of the female character
  3. The first few seasons of this show were pretty good and then around the fourth season it started going downhill. The seventh and last season is a true shit show that I couldn't finish watching, it's absolute garbage filled with political propaganda, don't waste your time on this pile of crap.
  4. We finished watching the second season a few days ago and look forward to the third season now, which will be a year from now. It’s a good show and worth watching although I don’t like the way that we are forced to believe the kind of relationships in the show happen all the time and everyone is ok with them. I doubt (unfortunately) that being as openly gay as some of the characters are portrayed comes without any backlash from schoolmates, family, friends, etc.
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