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  1. Yes, I know his name was being thrown around as taking over it. But until it actually happened...
  2. I wouldn't know, as I cannot read BASH shoutbox to know anything he's says.
  3. But SneakyDave has not took the server down it was hosted on. He runs a second site on the same host http://solidmean.com/ Looks like he didn't want to run Bash any more.
  4. It's using some Free DNS service now for it's named servers by the looks of things - https://dns.he.net/ Who ever took it over also renewed the domain for another year yesterday
  5. Thought you already knew that AWS was taking over it. Make your mind up.
  6. Yeah, I know what you mean. You only have to visit places like XenForo and see the same old thing going on. People trying to advertise their new forums started. Just pointless these days.
  7. Why? Who's yelling and moaning?
  8. My guess... he'll most likely import some topics from the site, to another site he owns and then close Bash That is what he tends to do Why? What has he posted about it?
  9. Gaz

    The Coronavirus

    So now they are saying this virus came out a Lab in Wuhan - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-52304993 Here also: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/coronavirus-wuhan-lab-china-compete-us-sources
  10. Gaz

    The Coronavirus

    I know what you mean. But it's a double-edged sword. Should he leave those ventilators in another area in NY where you live not being used and let people die that need one right now in another area of NY. That's the problem. Really it's up to Trump to sort this mess out and get more ventilators to different states!
  11. Gaz

    The Coronavirus

    Read Sky News. Your Gov is saying that NY only has days of equipment left before you run out. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-new-york-governor-andrew-cuomo-warns-state-has-six-days-of-ventilators-left-11967646 Looks like he's scrabbling around trying to get extra ventilators from anywhere now before you run out of them and can't keep new people coming in needing a ventilator alive.
  12. Gaz

    The Coronavirus

    I'm thinking that will make Trump even more keen to see businesses start up again fast as possible, seeing China is back up and running.
  13. Gaz

    The Coronavirus

    Neat idea with a drone checking on people.
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