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  1. RIP Vera Lynn. From the BBC News website: Read more here: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-53091856 I have to admit that until today I wasn't 100% sure Vera Lynn was a real person, they don't teach us much about other countries participation in WWII in American schools. "Vera" is one of my favorite songs on "The Wall" album by Pink Floyd and I'll appreciate it a little more now knowing that Vera Lynn was a real person.
  2. Paul

    Our pet ducks

    They hatched.
  3. Paul

    Our pet ducks

    The eggs /ducklings should start hatching soon. Millie (we named the duck) on her eggs yesterday.
  4. Paul

    Our pet ducks

    Since I posted this thread the female mallard kept flying off and returning every day, she did this for about 11 days and then stayed. She made a nest next to the pond and there are 11 duck eggs in it. I don't know how many will hatch, if any but I will update this thread if any of them do.
  5. Paul

    Our pet ducks

    They're just visitors, not pets. For the last three days this pair (I assume it's the same pair) of mallards have visited our small koi pond in my backyard. I scared them off the first day when I was trying to take better pictures of them but they've come back. The pictures are bad because they were taken through our kitchen window which has a screen on it. A cement pad and pergola are going where the weeds are this summer (on the right of the last two photos).
  6. Paul


    Sade is my only celebrity crush. This is the only mood altering music for me. Damn, I miss the 80's. I don't know what else to say, I love this woman's music.
  7. I just posted that it was actually happening. The server can't be reached now.
  8. Looks like Bash is being moved to a new server. I remember when Dave first started Bash, it was The Vice Zone first and it was for Tool whom I haven’t seen around in ages.
  9. Dave said he was just going to close the forum down because no one wanted to take over running it, then AWS said he would. I guess they're talking about it through PM's now.
  10. It looks like AWS wants Bash. I doubt anyone will visit after he takes over.
  11. Paul

    The Coronavirus

    The virus came from animals in a wet market. We’ll keep getting these deadly viruses as long as China allows the markets to stay open.
  12. We just started watching this show a few weeks ago and it's pretty decent, it's one of our go to's when we can't find something else to watch.
  13. From the BBC News website: Bernie never had a chance. The left can't beat Trump by running his complete opposite and they must know that.
  14. Paul

    The Coronavirus

    Before New York City runs out. He shouldn't be able to come to my area and take what we have. It's the same as if the mayor of London took all of Wigan's medical supplies because the virus hadn't infected too many people in Wigan yet, it's going to happen sooner or later and Wigan will need those supplies when it does.
  15. Paul

    The Coronavirus

    It's pretty damned scary that the governor of New York is able to do this https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2020/04/new-cuomo-order-forces-hospitals-to-give-up-ventilators-protective-equipment-to-state.html
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